3rd Annual Geauga Veterans Sport Fest - September 11, 2021

Sponsorship Guide

The sponsorship package guide outlines all available packages for the 2021 Geauga Veterans Sport Fest. Here, you will find details regarding program advertisements, banner advertisements and e-commerce sponsorships.

Sponsorship Purchase Form

The sponsorship purchase form must be used when a sponsorship is sold. Please fill in all fields so their information can be recorded.

Event Brochure


This event brochure explains the event details along with the 50 item prize list. We recommend using this brochure for ticket sales and event promotion. This document is formatted to standard letter size (8.5'' x 11'').

50 Item Prize List


Event Flyer (8.5'' x 11'')

Flyer only - prize list not included

Quick Copy Email List

Bill Richardson <[email protected]>, 

"Mark A. Young" <[email protected]>, 

Eric Stransky <[email protected]>, 

Mike <[email protected]>, 

Rich Stehlik <[email protected]>, 

Jeff Gardner <[email protected]>, 

Doug Hodakievic <[email protected]>, 

Douglas Lundblad <[email protected]>, 

Pamela Braun <[email protected]>, 

Sandra Flannery <[email protected]>, 

"Teichman, Lawrence" <[email protected]>, 

Ken Hunter <[email protected]>, 

THOMAS STEHLIK <[email protected]>, 

Barb Titus <[email protected]>, 

Nicole Spidalieri <[email protected]>, 

Ralph Spidalieri <[email protected]>