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Mission Statement

To create and build a memorial dedicated to all Geauga County Veterans,
past and present, who have honorably served the United States of America.


  • To support and develop a memorial dedicated to Geauga County Veterans.
  • To develop appreciation and respect for Veterans.
  • To promote rich historical resources of the Veterans of Geauga County.
  • To memorialize the tremendous contributions of the Geauga Veterans.

Have Questions? Looking for Information?

Feel free to contact a member of the Board of Trustees by phone or e-mail

Paul A Newman (President) 286-9549
Frank Gliba (Vice President) 543-3923
Neil Hofstetter (Secretary) 537-0115
George Badovick (Treasurer) 285-2401
Kit Luoma 834-8014
Gene Teague 564-5528
Tony Dudich 564-7865
John Reithoffer 951-9280
Jeannette Grosvenor 286-9771
Dick Wheeler 285-2333


The Board of Trustees has determined that the Memorial should imply neither approval or disapproval of the purpose or conduct or war, but instead should honor those who fell, celebrate those who returned, and acknowledge the service and sacrifice of all veterans from Geauga County, who did their individual and collective best under trying and unusual circumstances. It should evoke reconciliation and an awareness of the enduring human values and embody the contradictory yet universally shared experiences of war and peace, danger and relief, weakness and strength, and isolation and comradeship.


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